Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Critical Feedback

Shalom All,

The events on the Mavi Marmara over the weekend were tragic and have resulted in high emotions. Some of those who have read my posts about the event have resorted to name calling and worse. I have every respect for legitimate dialogue. I am more than willing to admit the possibility that I am wrong on facts or that my opinions may not be accurate, if I am confronted with rational arguments. Some have already decided that I believe all critics of Israel to be "Antisemitic." Those who know me, know this is far from true. In fact, I myself am often critical of Israel. I am also an advocate for a viable Palestinian state along side a Jewish state living peaceably with one another. We may not agree on specific issues, but if you legitimately seek peace for BOTH Palestinians and Israelis, I'm happy to interact with you. If not and you simply want to condemn Israel without consideration or spew hatred against Jews out of some conspiratorial viewpoint, please do so elsewhere.

In the meantime, may the Israelis and Palestinians find Shalom and Salaam in the near future.


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