Monday, May 12, 2008

Endorsers versus Candidates

Shalom All,

We are at a point in elections where it seems to matter MORE who endorses a candidate than it does what the candidate actually stands for. There is a choice of TWO parties here people. EVERYONE will be choosing one of them or else not voting. McCain will be supported by people who don't support Obama/Clinton. They will be supported by those who oppose McCain. What a revelation! Someone who opposes reproductive choice opposes Obama/Clinton! I'm shocked! Shall we point out that there is no short list of those who are Pro-Choice who have views on Israel that are slightly problematic? Should I be making my electoral decision on Farrakahan/Sharpton vs Hagee/Paisley???

Perhaps I should look to the debate between Pastor Wright and Pastor Manning (the latter, a Harlem based African-American whose ridiculous tirade against Obama in favor of Clinton was in my mind purely despicable)? If you want to see Pastor Manning point out the exploitation of Obama girl and talk about Obama's family ancestry in a manner that I would have thought no minister would do, much less one in the African-American community just google "Manning Obama" or go to Youtube, look it up, and watch it until it makes you sick, which won't be long.

We certainly shouldn't be forgetting separation of church and state, but we have to stop acting as if the election is between endorsers. Obama, Clinton, and McCain should be chosen or not chosen because of what they believe and what they can do to make our nation and our world better, not because of the idiots (of course defined by whom you personally support and whom you do not) who have chosen them already.

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